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​​CCTTA's story begins from...

Fifteen years ago, there was a large community of people who liked to play table tennis in Toronto. However, there were no local facilities dedicated to the sport and no clubs or associations where table tennis could be played all the time with professional equipment. With the desire for such a space, four table tennis enthusiasts decided to found a non-profit organization in 2006, which they called the Canadian Community Table Tennis Association (CCTTA). The CCTTA sought to create a permanent space for all table tennis enthusiasts in Toronto to play.

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Harvey Fung


At the beginning of its establishment, CCTTA encountered many difficulties due to a lack of funds and a lack of people to help run the facilities. But the founders did not give up on their dream. Eventually, the CCTTA got support from the Canadian government at various levels thanks to the Chinese Consulate in Toronto and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Toronto. In addition, the CCTTA partnered with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), Table-Tennis Canada and the Ontario Table Tennis Association and also received support and sponsorship from various business groups, organizations, and individuals. After 15 years of development, the CCTTA has become the largest non-profit table tennis organization in the Greater Toronto Area.

Because of the support we have received from others, when there have been moments of need in our community we have been able to give support too. During the time of the Wenchuan earthquake and the Henan floods, the CCTTA donated many relief supplies. When Wuhan was hit by Covid-19, the CCTTA also donated money through Bethune Medical Development Association of Canada. In addition, to increase the awareness of table tennis in Canada, the CCTTA has donated table tennis tables and related equipment to universities in Toronto. To this day, we still live up to our original goals: to promote social harmony and unity, to build friendships, to improve personal health, and to raise the table-tennis sport to a higher recognizable level. 

Let’s review the milestones of CCTTA over the last 15 years.

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